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Occam's Razor:

The simplest explanation is almost always somebody screwed up.

The Crippled Crusader {Gregory House}
11 June
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Unprecedented Beginnings

Gregory House had just recently finished getting his doctorate, though in a following scandal concerning suspicions that he'd cheated off of another student for much of the year, he'd been told he had to complete at least a year's internship at Rainy Day Mental Hospital before they would allow him to have his license to practice on his own.

Less than amused at the turn of events, House did in fact go; harassing patients and nurses all the way. He stayed at that hospital for several months, content at first to play with the minds of his first wave of patients but growing bored as they started to all seem to have the same dull problems.

The Switch

After his primary patient (and lover) was transferred to a new hospital, House found he grew even less 'fond' of his work at his first hospital. Despite his natural adversion to change, he found that the urge for a normal conversation outweighed the urge for a familiar environment and he soon tracked down the head of Gale Hospital and Rehab -- where the other had been relocated.

Luckily, the man was happy to have anyone applying for a job, seeing as the hospital was so new, and he easily overlooked House's lack of a license to employ him. After enough complaining on his own part about the fact that, while he could prescribe drugs, he was otherwise not putting his medical training to use, House enrolled once again in school. This time it was online, however, as he was simply looking to end the dispute over his 'cheated' credits and be granted his actual license.

The Mad Skills

Despite the absence of a license, House's schooling means that, in the under-staffed hospital, he is the only one capable of performing even routine medical checkups efficiently -- a fact which he alternately brags and complains about.

He is also available, capable, and unwilling to see patients for one-on-one therapy sessions, and that's in fact his primary purpose at Gale. At present he hasn't been forced to conduct group therapy, though House is starting to get suspicious of the hints his boss is dropping...

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